Kids On Bluegrass Europe, Les musiques Bluegrass & Old Time pour les jeunes et leurs familles

Kids On Bluegrass Europe, the project

Curiosity of the moment

A boy, a banjo, some harmonics.

Listening for the first time, just let the tune take you. It is a very simple and nice one, but it has something special.

Then watch his right hand.

Matthew Govig plays Wild Goose Chase.

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Names of the notes and chords

In Latin language countries (France, Spain, Italy etc), the names of the notes are Do Ré Mi Fa Sol La and Si. In Anglo-Saxon culture countries, they are called A B C D E F G.

Why such a difference, and which system should we use ?

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Angeline The Baker

A pleasant and funny song, sometimes just played as an instrumental.

Only 2 chords, D and G. Will you make it ?

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The Nashville system

This stuff is really useful to quickly figure out how to back up a tune in any key.

And the best is that, if you know a few scales (4 or 5) by heart, "quicky" becomes "instantly".

Rewarding, isn't it ?

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Artists and bands

More bluegrass kids

The world is rich with numerous children musicians. And the U.S., of course, has many of them playing Bluegrass or Old Time.

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